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Before you register for NBWC, you must have purchased your USA Wrestling card

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Get your USA Wrestling card

Log in to USA Wrestling and purchase your Limited or Full Folkstyle membership.

This provides team insurance, and allows your wrestlers to participate in MSWA-

sponsored events.

First gear store: open Sept. 1-17.  This gear is in, and will be delivered at practice.

Second gear store: open Oct. 8-Nov. 5.  This gear is in, and will be delivered at practice.

The third (and final) gear store is now open.  It has been extended, and will now close on Nov. 26th. 

Our mission

NBWC is a youth wrestling team for kids ages 5-14 years old.  We teach folkstyle and freestyle wrestling to beginners and advanced wrestlers, and provide opportunities to compete at levels appropriate to a wrestler's level of experience.

We teach sportsmanship, perseverence, technical excellence, and resilience.  Our team comes from many different neighborhoods and schools across Baltimore - but we are all Stingers.

  • First novice tournament
  • Ohio State - Navy match at McDonogh
  • Dual Meet Championships 2018
  • Recent alumni

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North Baltimore Wrestling Club

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