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Frequently Asked Questions about NBWC

Questions about the club

1) How will we stay safe from  COVID? To protect our participants from spreading potential infection, we are separating practices for wrestlers old enough to be vaccinated (12 and older), from those who are under 12 and cannot yet receive the vaccine.  All wrestlers, regardless of vaccination status, and all coaches must remain masked at all times.  This is Gilman School's policy, and we must adhere to it.

Parents cannot attend practice this year.  They will need to drop their wrestlers off at practice, SIGN THEM IN with a contact number in case of emergency, and then pick them up at the conclusion of practice.

2) Who can join?  The team is open to kids aged 5-14.  The age cutoff for participation is turning 15 before 11/1/21.  Although younger kids can join, it has been our experience that 4 is just too young to get much out of practice.

3) How much does it cost?  The registration cost is $125.00.  We have scholarship help available if needed - you can apply by contacting Coach Spawn.  

In addition to the registration fee, you will also need a 15.00 USA Wrestling card, a uniform (singlet) which will be sold at practice for 55.00, and a pair of wrestling shoes and headgear.  If you wear braces, you must have a mouth guard.

4) When do you compete?  We are not sure yet how many events will be hosted, due to restrictions around COVID.  In a typical year, we have matches pretty much every weekend from Dec. 1-Feb. 28, but it seems very likely that this year there will be far fewer. 

We do not expect wrestlers to participate in all events, and they can choose the level of participation that suits their level of readiness.  New wrestlers participate in a less-frequent schedule of novice events, which are designed for beginners.

5) Why can't I see events on the calendar? Until you are a registered member of the club, you will not see the competition calendar or the practice schedule.  This is how Sports Engine designed the website.  If you have questions about events, talk to the coaches at practice.

6) How often is practice? Wrestlers under 12 practice on Thursdays from 6:00-8:00 (at Gilman School).  Wrestlers 12 and older practice on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00 (at Gilman).  

7) What do I wear to practice?  Shorts and t shirt, wrestling shoes and headgear.  If you have braces, you must wear a mouth guard that completely covers the braces.  Gilman requires that all wrestlers and coaches remain masked at all timed during practice.

Still have questions?

After reading through our list of frequently asked questions, if you still need answers, contact Andy Spawn by email.