North Baltimore Wrestling Club​Inc. ​                           A 501 C-3 organization

This year, North Baltimore Wrestling has partnered with Ace Sportswear to provide singlets, shirts, shorts, jackets, gear bags and hats.  Click on this link to reach our online store.  A portion of each sale supports our team, and your equipment is delivered directly to your home.  The online store is located at

The store does not have our singlet design yet, but it has all the other gear.  Shoes and headgear you should get from one of the store links below.

Members of NBWC practice in shorts and tshirts.  These must be freshly washed before EVERY practice.  For the health of every member of the team, it is not acceptable to wear street clothes or dirty workout clothes on the mat.  Similarly, wrestling shoes are NEVER worn outdoors.  They should be carried into the wrestling room and put on prior to practice.
All wrestlers must complete in a team uniforms (called a singlet).  These can be purchased through our online store.

All wrestlers need to provide the following additional equipment for themselves at practice:
1) Wrestling shoes
2) Headgear 
3) Wrestlers who wear braces MUST have a mouth guard.  If the 
braces are on top and bottom jaws, the mouth guard must cover both sets of teeth.

Shoes, headgear, and mouthguards are readily available at sporting goods stores, and also online.  Online retailers often have a better stock of sizes than brick and mortar stores.  Some online sites that have worked well for us include:


World Wide Sports Supply

Sunflower Wrestling